Case Study: BigMouth Inc Rebranding

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Glastonbury, CT

BigMouth Inc. was at a critical growth stage in 2014–15; to move beyond being a manufacturer and be sold in design-centric retail environments like Target, a recognizable consumer brand had to be created. Monroe&Co undertook a bold, iconic rebrand over 4 months that included research & competitive analysis, findings & recommendations, brand assets, and later a website.


The company produces naughty gag gifts designed to make people smile and laugh. The original logo had a gaping mouth with teeth held open by fingers that reminded us of a trip to the dentist. To us, a “big mouth” in the context of this brand really meant a big belly laugh as someone sees the product.

original logo

The new logo nods to the naughty factor by using a common visual for censorship in images—black bars being placed over the eyes or redacted text. In the mobile phone era, it also references the too-cool-for-school sunglasses smily emoji.

The final logo design incorporates all of these ideas into a simplified, instantly iconic, laughing cartoon character. Knowing that branding is often viewed on screens as social media profile images or small icons, we wanted to create a logo that read well within a square or circle.

final logo

“I credit Monroe&Co’s comprehensive rebranding of BigMouth Inc in helping achieve a successful exit to private equity in 2016. We really enjoyed the rebranding, working with you, and appreciated how much thought went in to our brand. Your style is so succinct and absent of marketing fluff. You always substantiated your guidelines with actual logical points.”
— Founder & Former CEO BigMouth, Inc—


Picked up by Target, Walmart, Kohls, Urban Outfitters and endorsed by celebrities, the brand is a favorite among influencers worldwide. The rebranding empowered the salesforce to deliver explosive revenue growth (50%+ YoY). Leveraging a robust brand toolkit from Monroe&Co, the founder achieved his dream of selling to private equity investors in less than two years after rebrand. Read the full case study >

Design: Monroe&Co
Photos: BigMouth Inc & Monroe&Co
Illustrations: Jennifer Boyd